Astronomers: Newton’s Giants: have done it again.

The Foundation Codes of a New World Science. . Download PDF

Galileo, a Newton Giant, gained the first.

Galileo's Code 1638 underlies all load bearing structures & bodies on Earth living or non living regardless of shape or scale size.

Galileo's Code - body volume 3D: cross section strength 2D.

**Note: 3D><2D is a ratio not an equation 3D=2D

Digital computer code underlying the Cyber Universe is a ratio 1><0 (higher><lower voltage; not an equation 1=0). If you substitute a higher voltage where a lower should be then the message is distorted.

This why we build 'checks', both software & hardware into our digital code computer systems.

Bio nature (life) does similarly 'checks' on colours.

Colour code Blue><Red><Yellow is a ratio not an equation B=R=Y. We, nature, gain new colours, shades, & sometimes new physical properties by changing the ratios of the primary code.

A wild brown bear in white background of snow is less competitive than a wild white polar bear. The reverse is true in a dark background. Here the wild brown bear is more competitive.

Of course human top down actions or other competitive factors such a disease can provide another 'check' a wild competitive balance.

Charles Darwin began his Origin of Species with human top down actions as a 'check' on a wild competitive balance (among pigeons) by artificial selection.

Today we know if the artificially selected pigeons or plants are returned to the wild many would be at a disadvantage & many would be 'deselected' by the wild competition while others may survive & thrive but not without change in behaviour. Behaviour intended to please human beings is rarely a positive in a wild environment.

If the colour code plays a part in life & human affairs the genetic code of DNA also plays a part even more important. We can lose vision but not our DNA/RNA: ***a companion code.


Our Companion Codes the underlying genetic code of DNA, and the three underlying codes of physical existence: The Unicode, Atomic, & the Quantum Quartet'L,B.C.-r.

***Where ever we go, whatever we were, whatever we become, even when dead - these codes are within us.

***Our companion codes... late discoveries for human science & technology, early & simple 'starters' for physical & bio Nature.


The Quantum Quartet a three legged dog (modern physics) moves better than a dog with no legs (pre modern) but not better than a dog with Nature's complete set of four L,B,C,-r.

Search on 6 articles: five papers for possible opportunities/applications & "the fun of finding out" the Companion Codes of New World Science.
Adams (UK) 2013.

The Advantage of Knowing Foundation (base) Codes

All base codes come in packets of software (rule of organisation) & hardware (physical parts).

No hardware nothing to organise; no software just disconnected physical parts.


Today: millions of people of many nations can derive advantage benefit in some way from our knowledge of the simple base code 0><1 for all digital computers.

Today: millions of people can derive benefit in some way from the knowledge of the software and hardware of the simple base code for all DNA genetics A >< C >< G>< T

Today: millions benefit, professionals and amateurs, from knowledge of the simple base code for human optics, charts,& arts - B(lue), R(ed), Y(ellow).

Note1. Gaining the 'rules of organisation' and underlying logical order for the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic language took a very few ***early 19th century French and British 'savants' several decades. The benefits of their efforts are evident today - an enhanced tourist industry, a national pride in former achievement, and possibly with an educated younger generation a source of inspiration leading perhaps to new, future achievements.

***Only after the Code software (rules of organisation) for Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Mayan Hieroglyphics were 1st known and read, if only partially, could any one - gain access to formerly hidden worlds.

Note 2: During the last few years the worlds of computer machine technologies and medical sciences have forged ahead partly due to an enormous quantity of monetary and human input and also because - scientists and engineers can work knowing they have, in software and hardware (physical) - gained the letters of their fundamental and simple base codes even if RNA continues to be best reader.

Contrast this with Physics, the fundamental and Universal science, yet to gain a recognised base code and therefore able to open 'doors of access' to an underlying logical order.

Supercomputers, other 'monster machines' (New Scientist magazine article) government and industry budgets tell us - no shortage of monetary or human input but always the end result is the same - still stuck in a log jam of seeming intractable problems - no way forward.
Adams(UK) 2014