Astronomers: Newton’s Giants: have done it again.

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Discovered The Great Attractor of Galaxies - a discovery beyond the knowledge & imagination of any one 'even of genius'
in all the centuries & millennia before its discovery 19861.


Now measured: the entire Copernican Solar System & its contents, as parts of the local cluster of galaxies are moving at a minimum of 14 million miles per hour (6,000 kilometres per second) in a POLAR DIRECTION2 in Universal space towards the Great Attractor of Galaxies located near the Hot Spot in the Universal Microwave Background Radiation3.

The above means that in the 8 minutes of time light takes to move across from the Sun to Earth both the Sun & Earth have moved position two million miles in a Polar Direction towards the Great Attractor of Galaxies & away from the Universal Cold Spot.

The above means when confirmed by Observatories worldwide: in the 400 earth years since Galileo 1609, human endeavour has discovered all three possible ways Earth can move in Universal Space at the same time... on its Axis, sideways across, polar (upwards & outwards) from Origin of Big Bang Expanding Universe4 Article 6b.

A tremendous human achievement.

Discovered1 - By seven astronomers somewhat derisively named the Seven Samurai of Aspen, Colorado, USA.

Polar Direction in space2 - heresy today as the sideways movement of Earth in the Solar System was heresy 400 years ago or the sideways movements of continents 100 years ago.

But that was then, this is now.

Universal Radiation3 – unpredicted by Albert Einstein or any of the ‘quantum/atomic’ Nobel Prize winners of the early 20th century when ‘framing their theories’. They had to miss it out. We don’t.

Origin4 - datum for all Universal measurements, symbol 0, now measured as approx. 13.7 billion light years ago in time and distance from Earth by NASA among others.

Origin – a Universal datum impossible (Einstein): true until the key technology came into the hands of modern astronomers.

Impossible: nearly impossible: evidence gathered: done.

Universal time abolished (Einstein & S Hawking .Brief History.) until NASA & others measured it at some 13.7 billion light years. Universal space volume expands sideways only >>>Einstein & Hubble's flat/sagging mattress/no Big Bang Origin (it came later into the human knowledge base) & Milky Way Galaxy at the centre.

No key technology to observe & measure until 1986 a polar direction for Earth, Solar System or Local Cluster of Galaxies. So everyone before Einstein's relativities entered the textbooks labelled the polar direction -relative time.

Then quantum/atomic physicists labelled it - imaginary time & used imaginary numbers symbol i.

"I scarcely knew my own theory once the mathematicians had finished with it". Albert Einstein.

Note. Many scientific thinkers believe that physicists piling mathematical theories/models on top of others that cannot be tested by experiment (astronomers or otherwise) is the same method of approach that got the Ancient Greeks into a mess centuries ago.


Action today on all space diagrams regardless of scale size ... cross out relative time & replace with Great Attractor of Galaxies. Cross out imaginary time & replace with Great Attractor. Cross out time on Minkowski (Einstein's maths tutor) diagrams & replace with Great Attractor. And re do the measurements.

Click on article 6b to gain a new perspective & map made possible by modern astronomers equipped with modern key technology & joined up thinking.


In physics ALL key problems & Great Debates are either or problems with no compromise... either the Earth or the Sun is at the centre of the Solar System. Either there is a Polar Direction for the entire contents of the Copernican Solar System or not. Either the vacuums of space are filled with Dark Energy MEASURED as zero point energy or not.

Note: just because something cannot be measured with existing technology does not mean it cannot be measured with a different technology …like an optical telescope 400 years ago.

Like a fast machine computer measuring …Chaotic behaviour of weather patterns on planets.
Adams (UK) 2014.

Addendum article 3.

Today: Earth’s greatest expert on time & motion is Albert Einstein.

Over one hundred years of numerous scientific & technology discoveries including all those of the quantum atomic scientists & engineers Planck, Rutherford, Bohr, Heisenberg and he still remains in Universities, in millions of text & popular science books Earth’s highest expert authority on time & motion.

Highest expert authority based on the assumption that everyone took for granted when he was framing his theories of relativity 1905-19 …there is no polar movement in the only known Universe of one solar system/one milky way galaxy …only sideways.

The: motto of *highest authority in UK science The Royal Society for London – take no one’s word for granted.

Note: The Royal Society membership still takes for granted an Ancient Greek assumption only five human senses when every human ear (nearly 14 billion) testify to a fundamental truth – there is a sixth sense the only one that enables humans and all mammals to react to ‘changes in the balance of forces’ acting on the whole body. Affect it with alcohol…you face arrest.

Millions of smart kids & intelligent people now know that the experimental evidence available to Einstein was not available (unknown)250 years earlier to Isaac Newton Earth’s greatest expert on time & motion until *deposed by Einstein 1919 AD.

Not available to Albert Einstein & his contemporaries 1919 …the Great Attractor of Galaxies (including the Milky Way) in a polar direction in expanding Universal Space, Space time anomalies discovered by NASA & European Space Agency probes, Universal Microwave Background Radiation, & the Big Bang Origin of all Universal time & motion some 13 billion light years ago.

Today what Newton, Einstein Planck, Rutherford, Bohr & Heisenberg …Nobel Prize winners of the early 20th century had available to put into their mathematical models & laws, was dwarfed by what they didn’t.

Adams (UK) 2014.