Dark Energy & the Complete American Quantum hf-r.

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Moving bodies in a physical continuum.

Gains us, simply & clearly, the original physical interaction from which all four of the known elementary interactions of physics…nuclear strong, nuclear weak, electromagnetism, & gravity have later evolved.

Immediately and all the time a particle body, of whatever scale size, moves in a physical continuum, be it Earth’s air, water (molecular), a Sun plasma (sub atomic), or a physical version of Einstein’s Universal space time continuum it must create….

A. linear body momentum > its body mass x speed2 .

B. a set of two equal and opposite linear/proximity continuum waves moving at the same speed2 as the body. Two continuum waves always first push away: always second pull into any ‘potential hole’ caused by the body vacating its previous position.

C. another set gained by way of rotation/spin …two equal and opposite transverse continuum waves that push away/attract…at a distance.

-r a transfer of some thermal heat energy (the Second Law of
Thermodynamics) to the physical continuum.

The original interaction is …self-perpetuating for as long as the body moves or until its available thermal energy content runs out.

The two sets of continuum waves of the original interaction B, C, surround a moving/spinning body creating a …particle/wave domain in a physical space continuum.

Two domains intercepting each other will receive a slight push away or pull in (Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle) first from the continuum waves second from the moving body.

The key breakthrough can only be gained from recognising that there is a measurable physical space continuum. 400 years ago The first Royal Society of London membership was laughed at ….for measuring ‘empty’ air … no physical content.

Laugh all you like …we can now measure ‘empty’ space vacuums.

Diagram1.The Original No spin Interaction.2009-01-01 BCJ Adams


Diagram2. The original With Spin. 2009-01-01 BCJ Adams

The above diagram 1 and the below diagram 2 tells us why the internal pushes and pulls, measured in ‘newtons of force’, are always equal in all individual human bodies & beams of light.

Note waves can pass through each other two neighbouring particle/wave domains will create an ‘interference effect’ each upon the other: will then create feed back loops: on all others in a ‘scale size’ neighbourhood. In the case of our Sun the ‘neighbourhood’ is hundreds of millions of miles across, in gaseous nebulae and galaxies billions if not trillions of miles, in light beams or bands of electrons, obviously far less …nanometres.

Making a simple one proton, one electron hydrogen atom.


From the above model we can use a hazy vision of an Atomic Orbital: electrons are relatively tiny things, a relatively large distance away from a nucleus that on approaching closer are repelled (push) and on being further apart attracted (pull).

And a reason why for a Solar Orbit: planets are relatively large things which on being closer to the Sun are repelled and on being further apart attracted.

And a reason why three quarks in a proton do not ‘fuse together’ but for billions of years on being closer to each other repel and further apart strongly attract.

Note: the original interaction gains us the atomic code L, B, C, -r for all atomic structures from three quarks in a proton to super clusters of galaxies.

Note: the original interaction gains us the quantum quartet also L, B, C, -r for all radiation from the hottest possible & smallest volume Big Bang Origin to the coldest possible volume (largest) when all the available thermal energy runs out.
Adams (UK) 2014.