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The Logic Gates of Chaos part 1. Time.

Every discipline of science bar one has the same definition of time …a measure of physical existence.
Solitary exception mathematical physics now stuck in confusion.

Confusion is clearly evidenced by all these different ‘times’ published in millions of books & in applications for funding grants sometimes for millions of taxpayers monies.

Mathematical time … Galileo

Reversible time…Newton

Trillions of times dependent on how fast you travel…Einstein

Imaginary time …Stephen Hawking & many others

Time disappearing in black holes…

Time appearing from wormholes…

Positrons going back in time … Richard Feynman

Mathematical tables of time (Fitzgerald/Lorenz) where you can look up the precise speed needed for a dinosaur to outlive the extinction (65 million years ago) of the rest of its species.

Cosmological time…cosmologists

Sidereal time etc.

All these different ‘times’ for one branch of science when all the other branches put together have only one measure of time – time in physical existence.

By settling on one definition of time in physical existence the danger posed by breaking the 1st Law of Simple Arithmetic compare like with like is significantly lessoned.

Even so NASA can get it wrong when a mars probe by mistake crashed onto Mars: because there were two sets of instructions: one in metric the other in Imperial.

Even so some anthropologists got it wrong by accepting as ‘the missing link’ the Piltdown Skull found in my English home county of Sussex. This was later exposed as a forgery of two ‘unlike parts’ of a fossil orang-utan & a modern human by experimental physicists using radio carbon dating techniques.

The underlying logic of the 1st Law of Simple Arithmetic has already surfaced in IT of machine computers. We call it the GIGO Principle.

Another expression of the logic of the 1st Law is known to every human being …cases of mistaken identity of identity theft.

The 1st Law is often used in bio nature as predators often fail to identify the difference between a mimic (identity theft) & the real thing: say a stinging wasp, a poisonous snake, or vice versa the intended prey victim may make a mistake & suffer accordingly.

***Until now comparing like with like for the different times in current theories of mathematical physics has been left to the same profession that caused the confusion in the first place.

Different times put together in a best seller book A Brief History of Time(s) by the mathematical physicist Stephen Hawking resulted in millions of confusion readers or would be readers.


Just over a century ago geologists & biologists argued with physicists over the age (time in physical existence) of the Earth & Sun).

Since then the age (time in physical existence) of the Earth has been extended to some 4.5 billion years, life on Earth to nearly 4 billion years & for Big Bang Universe to some 13.7 billion years1.

The average life in physical existence for human beings in advanced economies has been extended some 30 years or more.

On Confusion of Times in current theories of mathematical physics…

“We cannot simply laugh and forget. It (has) absorbed the professional attention of many fine scientists. It has led millions of people astray. It has shed a false light on basic processes. Careers are too short and time (in physical existence) too precious to view so much waste with equanimity”.

Stephen J Gould reflecting on the Piltdown Skull Forgery an example of the ‘breaking of the 1st Law of Comparison’ Sussex, England 1908-53.

Adams (UK) 2014.