Astronomers: Newton’s Giants: have done it again.

Discovered: The Universal (base code) for Energy. Download PDF

“Every one of our laws is a purely mathematical statement … gets more and more abstruse & more and more difficult as we go on ... many cannot be fitted with other ones.

What is it we are missing”? Richard Feynman. The Character of Physical Law 1965.


Missing - Big Bang Origin: where the laws of physics end in a singularity and the Universal (Unicode) Code of Energy …the mother of all codes & laws, begin in a duality of two contrasting (in quantities, measurements, & properties) fundamental energies.


Codes of communication can be sexy. Every living form of life with two sexes physically communicates sexual interest by ‘sensory codes of awareness’. Codes of scent, sound (bull frogs and song birds), sight (display), balance (dance), taste (wafted on the breeze), and touch (most intimate).

Human beings in their arts and sciences have evolved more ways of physically communicating interest in sex than any other existing form of life on Earth – all ultimately based on a duality of just two contrasting sexes each possessing different qualities and properties, and each physically
contributing to the human arts, sciences, dramas, and present day industries based on the underlying sexual dynamics of ever changing software (organisation) & hardware (physical parts).

The base code for Energy may not be sexy it does, in essential simplicity, ultimately underlie and enable all the dynamics & transformations (not just sexual) of human arts, sciences, dramas, industries & societies & codes.

Note: The base code underlies and enables all energies – thermal, electrical, light, elastic, chemical, nuclear, gravity, kinetic – all are energies of real physical movements that physicists put into mathematical forms usually equations separated by the = sign.

The reason why sexual dynamics, in all its ongoing diversity& complexity, is not the = sign but the >< sign of interaction& interconnection, loosely or firmly, two or more BASE contrasts.


On the Character of Physical Codes …at BASE of all evolved complexity & diversity there be found two or more contrasts all enabled by the two contrasts of the Unicode for Energy… Pe>Te

Adams (UK) 2013