Astronomers: Newton’s Giants: have done it again.

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Science as we know it didn’t start with Newton’s & Einstein’s Laws of Classical physics, or the 19th/20th centuries Statistical Laws of populations of photons (quantum), atoms, or molecules, but with Newton’s Giants.

Newton’s Giants, Galileo & Kepler, started the whole scientific endeavour with Ratios & a Code.

Galileo’s code is published in his work entitled On the Two Sciences 1638 AD & underlies all loadbearing structures, living or non - living, on or in the proximity of Earth.


Today no more codes since Galileo & all the big problems in physics are …why the ratios.

For example: the ratio of the proton mass to the electrons 1006:1 when both have the same electric + or - charge.

For example: the ratio of the strength of the electric force of repulsion 143 times (1 with 43 noughts behind it) stronger than the attraction of gravity.

For example: in terms of volume the ratio of the nucleus/electrons inside atomic matter is to the total volume is less than one part in ten thousand million.

The more you observe, measure, & think the more disparity (in ratios) is found in Nature (as opposed to equality in the existing equations of classical & statistical physics).

In the following articles & papers the emphasis has gone finding new codes of physics the guess being that why the ratios will follow.

Some do. But plenty more exist.

Science over: it has scarcely begun.

Adams (UK) 2014

he disparity in ratio is found It continues…the ratio of all the planets, stars, galaxies to the space vacuums & voids bin the planets For example: in terms of life why so small a quantity volume neede to its of us & all living beings to . o