Astronomers: Newton’s Giants: have done it again.

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The core problem is that our education and training systems were built for another era. We can get where we must only by changing the system itself”. United States
National Center on Education and the Economy 2007.

In periods of major change existing education and training systems are always those of another era.
Adams (UK) 2014

***The American scientist Bob Dicke was the first person to measure the Sun’s repulsive anti gravity equal to one part in 10,000 million to the Sun’s pull of gravity and thereby disprove all present education systems concept …no repulsive gravity.

Richard Feynman published the above experimental evidence. Character of Physical Law 1965 AD & it can be found in the published science literature.


“No one feels the burden of Newton’s legacy, looming forwards from the past, more than the modern scientist. A worry nags at his descendants: that Newton may have been too successful: that the power of his methods gave them too much authority”. James Gleik’s from his book on Isaac Newton 2003.

Of course there is an ‘at a distance’ repulsive anti gravity to counterbalance the pull of gravity or planets would, over billions of years, have been pulled into the Sun, electrons would be pulled into atomic nuclei, and stars pulled into galactic centres. Far from being pulled and thus falling to Earth the Moon has been steadily moving away from Earth for billions of years of its time in existence.

If the above is true why do apples fall to Earth?

Why? Because there are two underlying ‘gravities’: 1) at a distance rotation/spin on an axis as per Bob Dicke & Michael Faraday’s idea of ‘lines of force’ gained from his experimental observations of electromagnetism and 2) proximity gravity which causes apples and other objects in the proximity of Earth to fall to Earth.

Between the two underlying gravities, proximity and rotational, lies a fluctuating zone where moons are absent but Nature parks the rings of Saturn and other planets, humans park their relatively small orbiting space satellites and space stations.

Rotational gravity is one ‘reason why’ for the vast distances (proportional to scale size) between atomic nuclei and electrons, between our Sun and the planets, and between suns in galaxies.

You want further, up to date, experimental evidence?

Fly by anomalies …the ‘Pioneer, Galileo, Rosetta, Near space probes beginning 1989 exhibiting faster than predicted speeds on nearing the proximity of planets and slowing down the further away.

Comment – Peter Antreasian Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena USA “whatever causes the fly-by anomaly seems to make its impact just before the closest approach (proximity) to Earth.” New Scientist 19th August 2006.

Newton’s mechanical Universe: under the influence.
“We may still be under the impression of the particular turn he took – we cannot get it out of our system”. Quote Hermann Bondi same article as above on Isaac Newton.

Today contrary to the UK education system idea of gravity, an attractive force always into a centre of gravity many industries rely on the opposite …centrifuges where the first force is always outwards from a centre of gravity.

Simple experimental evidence find a retro gramophone which spins a disc. Place a light object on the disc. As soon as it gathers enough spinning speed the paper will be hurled off (pushed) away from the centre of the disc mass.

Observe a spinning fan. The blades first push away the air then air is pulled into the potentially empty hole in the air medium. Always push first then attraction.

Warning: do not quote this in science examinations since today Newton (& Einstein’s Law of Gravity is taken for granted).

Newton’s Universal Law of Gravity 1687 is founded on the existence of a mutual force of attraction between all physical bodies for example the Sun and Earth: atomic nucleus and electrons: three quarks in a proton….with no force of repulsion - keeping them apart.

Sun mass 1 Mutual attraction. Earth mass 2 Nucleus mass Electron mass All three quarks mutual attraction and no repulsion? No repulsive force

Diagram 1

Neither Newton nor Einstein gained the causes of the two gravities. Thanks to a new generation of Newton’s Giants we can do better.

“If not the fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves, that we are underlings”. Act 1. Julius Caesar. W. Shakespeare.
Adams (UK) 2014.