Dark Energy & the Complete American Quantum hf-r.

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The Logic Gates of Chaos Part 2: Space.

Answer the Question: how do non - living bodies such as light photons & electrons compute where to move to next?

In modern digital computer science the answer is easy …via logic gates.

In modern studies of the human computer, the brain…via logic gates we call synapses.

Outside machine computer & brain computer sciences logic gates are missing.

AND nothing is being spent ‘officially’ on logic gate research.

AND little more is being spent ‘officially’ on base code research for any codes outside those already gained for machines & bio cells.

AND “Time was when all scientists were (officially) outsiders from Nicholaus Copernicus to Charles Darwin so different to today …. Article by Editors of New Scientist magazine …It pays to keep a little craziness. September 9th 2006 AD

Adams (UK) 2014.


How do non - living particle bodies & material waves of all scale sizes from photon packets to protons to atoms to planets to stars to galaxies know where to move to next …via previously unknown logic gates of physical touch between various sizes of spinning particle/wave domains (papers 1&2 www.theuglyfact.co.uk ).

Note: apart from ‘whirling dervishes’ or ‘spinning ballet dancers’ spin on an axis is absent from life forms on Earth…it would be a disadvantage in the struggle for existence. On the other hand ‘all round vision is an advantage so various methods have evolved … revolving eyeballs, dedicated sentinels, military rear guards & so on.

But spinning particle/wave domains L, B, C, -r are the long sought after simple ‘basic building blocks’ (lego blocks to many 5 year olds) of all physical bodies & systems.

Basic building blocks of ‘self-similarty’ as in fractals, holograms, in all the atomic elements with a central nucleus & orbital electrons, Solar Systems with central suns & orbiting planets, galaxies with centres & orbiting stars & so on.

Basic building blocks …simple but by repetition, re iteration, interaction, feed - back loops, folding & refolding (as in geological layers & biological layers & zones of Earths atmospheres etc) able to gaining products of enormous size & complexity…natural Lego Lands for the curious child within.

Cut a dual polar electromagnet magnet into single atoms & you still gain a dual polar electromagnet. You cannot cut any further & gain a single electric or single …monopole.

You cannot cut the duality of digital machine computer code O:1 and still expect it to function …it won’t.

The first person to gain by experiment the underlying duality of particle/wave domains was Heisenberg (uncertainty principle).

Note. The first persons to gain by experiment the underlying duality of large scale gravity did not recognise what they had achieved article 6a www.theuglyfact.co.uk

Neither are their achievements ‘officially’ recognised today.


What Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle tells us …the first physical interactions (effects) are between touching waves (the Chaos of space foam). The second interaction (rare in 99% of a Sun atomic space volume) between touching particles bodies (in denser, more confined central 1% of an atomic Sun Volume).

It is the 1% that heats up the outer layers/zones of Solar System.

We find the same with Earth …the denser more confined layers heat up the outer layers.

Science at least of logic gates of Chaotic space foams over… it has scarcely begun.

Adams (UK) 2014.