Dark Energy & the Complete American Quantum hf-r.

..INTRODUCTION to 5 papers.

The ugly fact …they have done it again

Discovered: the oldest, smallest, most accurate, most numerous clock in the Universe ...The Complete American Quantum hf-r

The triangle diagram

Discovered: The Complete American Quantum easily outclasses & outdates, in time, space, measurement, & experiment the Incomplete Planck Quantum hf discovered 1900 AD .

-f one small symbol a Universe of Difference.

Adams (UK) 2014

The Complete American Quantum packet…a new baby is born*.

"What is the use of a baby"?

Reply* given by Michael Faraday on his discovery of electromagnetic induction …the basis of today’s electric power plants & electric motors, & his new concept of fields of force in space.

New because such a field was missing from Newton’s earlier (in terms of human discovery) Law of Gravity.

It is always the case … something is discovered that is missing from an earlier concept (in human terms the left hand side of the above diagram).

What follows depends upon the Law or Rule of unexpected consequences.

Adams (UK) 2014


Today's Complex Universe

Ultimate Simplicity NASA -
A New Beginning for Physics